Winners of our Creative Writing Contest are as follows:
(Grades K-2) First Place goes to Sophia Perez, Northland Pines, 2nd grade. Second Place goes to Aletheia Vetter-Garcia, Phelps School, 2nd grade and Third Place winner is Paxton Mokry, Phelps School, 2nd grade.
(Grades 3-5) First Place winner is Carter Paral, Northland Pines, 4th grade. Second Place goes to Riley Butler, Northland Pines, 4th grade. Third Place winner is Kylie Roberts, Northland Pines, 4th grade.
(Grades 6-8) First Place winner is Keira Riihimaki, Phelps School, 7th grade. Second Place goes to Robert Wenberg, Phelps School, 7th grade and Third Place winner is Addison Szuta, Phelps School, 7th grade.
(Grades 9-12) First Place goes to Nadia Steeno, Phelps School, 10th grade, Second Place winner is Raelee Steeno, Phelps School, 9th grade and Third Place goes to Eragon Wenberg, Phelps School, 9th grade.
The winner of the adult division is Forrest Mann from Eagle River, WI.
Thank you to all the participants. Looking forward to next year’s submissions..